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Virtual Comprehensive Needs Assessment and
School Improvement Plan Stakeholder Meeting
Virtual Stakeholder Meeting for Comprehensive Needs Assessment and School Improvement Plan

We Need Your INPUT!

Please take a few minutes to provide the school with your feedback on the school and district parent engagement policies, the school-parent compact, the reservation of funds, and how to build staff capacity. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Lalumiere at (770) 229-3735 or Thank you so much!

Stakeholder Meeting                                                                         February 10, 2020

Use the following link for a recap of the February 10th Stakeholder Meeting
The documents and feedback forms offered at the meeting can also be here: 
Video Resources: 
A video describing the Georgia Milestones Assessment
A video describing the Georgia Student Growth Model 
A video with information about MAP testing
Student-Led Conference Video
A student-led conference between a 2nd grade teacher and student.

Reading Parent Tips Video
Learn about ways to help your child become a better reader!

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Is your child's teacher highly qualified? Here is a letter from Mr. Steele letting you know! 
Are you in need of audiological services? Read this pamphlet to discover the resources Griffin RESA offers students. 

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Open Topic Virtual Math Month


Distance Learning Resources

Did you miss our Workshop or Meeting? You can use these resources to help work with your child or learn more about our school. 
August's Title I Annual Meeting:
What is ESSA?
Elementary Student Showcase

Literacy Fireside Chat Parent Workshop

Use this link to see RCD Units by Grade and Subject
Use this link to print math manipulatives to use at home with your child
Summary of the Literacy Fireside Chat Parent Workshop
Please click the link to hear a summary:
Ready, Set, Test Parent Workshop
Use this link to see resources/handouts from the workshop
These resources/handouts include:
Parent Tips: How to Help Your Child Prepare for Standardized Tests
Georgia Milestones Questions and Answers for Parents
...and many more
Summary of the Ready, Set, Test Parent Workshop
Click the link to view the summary.
- Compliant Policy and Procedure
Curriculum Help
Reading Resources
Testing Resources
We need your input! 
Print and return the forms linked below, or you can provide your feedback at the website below.
Please provide your feedback for next school year with this form and return it to Leslie Benefield:
SIP & CNA Feedback Form
KROGER MATH NIGHT - Please use the questions and resources below from our math night
May Looking Ahead Stakeholder Meeting

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Please visit our Parent Resource Center in Room 301. All the products are free and will help your children.

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Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: