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The State Department of education has implemented a study in career education for students.  Students will be taught a series of lessons from the school counselor about specific career clusters.  The goal is for our students to transition into satisfying college and career options after graduation. 
Check the links for Career Websites, and have your child explore careers for the future! 

Career Resources for Kids 
Kids Work! This website allows students to explore through videos and games and learn about occupations in a community. http://www.knowitall.rg/kidswork/theater/workzone/index.html
Paws in Jobland - This animated website allows elementary students to explore occupations in each of the clusters.
What Do you Like? At
Career OneStop at This site has videos of careers in each career cluster. 
To find more information about the career clusters, go to Each student will get a login and password in sixth grade. Students will begin their portfolios that will travel with them until graduation.

3rd Grade
Careers in Energy
Get into energy at This website has a special section on Careers for Women in the energy field. Students will be led to the Association for Women in Energy. This information will assist young women who may pursue the nontraditional occupations where salary is usually higher.

4th Grade
Finance -
These games allow students to make choices about business and money management. Another similar game is “Coffee Shop”
Manufacturing - Students can get creative and manufacture a box of paper called an origami box with their own hands and one piece of paper. Origami is a type of paper art. Students will construct a box at is a great website to learn more about manufacturing.
STEM education focuses on math and science education and careers.; for students and for parents
Utilize It’s My Life at to learn more about managing your money.

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